Difficult Days & School News

Sorry I didn’t post more last week.  Beloved’s brother passed away.  He was not old and it was somewhat unexpected when he had the heart attack.  But we’ve known for a few weeks that he wasn’t going to make it.  He hung on for two weeks before he passed.

We got a call Tuesday night that the funeral would be Thursday morning.  That meant leaving Wednesday afternoon.  So we were scrambling to get packed and ready to go.  And it was challenging to get seven people and luggage into a mini van.  But we did it. 

The service was very nice.  We had a good visit with Beloved’s family, whom we hadn’t seen in quite some time.  It was a big couple of days for our children, what with all that driving in a short amount of time.  But they all did well.  I think we’re recuperated now, though.

This week our concentration is getting our chores and schoolwork done earlier in the day.  So basically being more disciplined.  It seems like the children drag their feet everyday and I need that to change so we can fit more into our days.  I had to give them extra incentive today.  Hopefully today’s success will give them further incentive to be more disciplined so they will have more free time and experiences in future afternoons.  I know there is much more we can do and learn about, if we would be more disciplined about our time.

Anyone else struggle with unmotivated children?


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