What I Did Today

This morning I got up early and made zucchini muffins from zucchini we grew last summer, shredded and froze.  They were yummy.

Then I went to do the grocery shopping really early and alone.  Wow!  That’s the first time I ever left Baby.  I was only gone for an hour (that’s how fast you can get things done ALONE) and he slept the whole time.  He is such a cool baby.

I had a good plan when I went out to the store and did very well.  Well enough that both the clerk and bagger did a double take at my total.  I got $74 worth of groceries for $14.  Beloved couldn’t believe my receipt.  He almost wants me to find a way to publish those things, he loves to see them so much, hehehe.

Beloved had a farm meeting, so while he was gone I made some yogurt and granola bars.  Other than changing a few beds and vacuuming a few rooms, I didn’t do much.  Even so, I just feel really tired tonight.  We had leftovers for dinner.  I got out all the children’s church clothes and I am done in. 

I am laying here with Baby J.  I kept him in bed with me last night because he fell asleep with me and I didn’t want to let him go.  He slept all night!  We’ll see tonight if that was a fluke or not.  He is so sweet and tiny I just love to cuddle him.  But I’ll put him in his own bed tonight so I can sleep more soundly.

I am going to veg out for a while and then go to sleep.



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