Deal of the Day -Albertson's P&G Catalinas & Double Coupons

Today I got a good deal at Albertson’s store. 

Right now, Albertson’s has Proctor & Gamble Catalinas spitting out of their Catalina machines.  When you buy $30 of selected P&G products, you receive $15 in Catalinas back.  Also, when you buy $25 in baby items, you get $5 back in Catalinas.

They had Pampers diapers on sale for $10 per package.  I also had manufacturer’s coupons for these and Albertson’s gave us a treat his past week.  They gave us double coupons up to $1.  So here’s what I did:

$30 for 3 pkgs. of Pampers

-$5 Man. Q’s

-$3 Store Doubler

-$20 Catalinas

Equals: 3 pkgs. of 26 Pampers diapers for $2!  That’s 78 diapers for $2!

Now the new store flyers came out for this next week, so no more doublers.  But the Catalina deal is still good through early February, I believe.  So take advantage if you can.  That is cheaper than me washing cloth diapers for my two year old (who should be potty training, anyway).

That’s my Deal of the Day.  It’ll be hard to beat that one for a while.

In addition, I spent $85 and saved $69.  Got some great deals on ground turkey, sour cream and eggs.



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