Our Storehouse & Frugality

So as I mentioned, things are pretty tight around here right now.  But not as tight as they could be.  We aren’t feeling it as badly as we could because of all the planning I did last fall.  What do I mean, you ask?  Let me explain.

Even last summer I felt a huge urge to grow as much as we can and get the pantry stocked as much as possible by fall.  One reason was the impending birth of our son.  But I also felt the Lord prompting me to be prepared for this winter in a way I have never prepared before.  I believe He was speaking to my heart to prepare our family for difficult financial times.

In response I did many things, but not as many as I wanted to.  It was difficult being pregnant and getting through our schoolwork while trying to put up food at the same time. 

We got our three freezers stocked with chicken and some pork (we already had beef in there), cookie dough, pies and homemade meals for after our son’s birth.

We put up jam and pickles and I froze green beans and zucchini.

We ordered our grains, flours and some medicinal items from the Azure Standard.

We ordered our beekeeping and soapmaking supplies from Glory Bee.

Between what we did this fall and the survival foods we bought last year, we could likely eat for a year with careful planning from our own food stores.

But there are a few things we have run out of and it has required my creativity this week, actually, this morning.  Baby went back to sleep for a while so I could make a big breakfast.  And he stayed asleep so I took advantage of the time and made the following items which we either needed or will need very soon: dishwasher detergent, bar soap and liquid handsoap.  It all went very quickly and I credit the Lord for allowing me the time.

This week I have worked hard.  Monday I baked.  Tuesday I went to the market and saved $67 on our grocery bill.  Today I made soap.  All this between lessons.  I am tired.  But there is great satisfaction knowing that my family has what they need and I didn’t have to spend much to provide it.

I will post soap recipes on Friday for my Frugal Friday post.

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