Meal Plan Monday

My plan this week is to take it one (or two) day(s) at a time.  I’m on my way to my kitchen now to start a crockpot of Minestrone Soup.  This is not Beloved’s favorite and I hardly make it, but I make a good one.  Yum!

I think he’ll be okay with it, since I am the one not feeling well right now.  Besides, if I end up leaving today, I want to make sure my kiddos and my folks eat well.

I am not keeping anything down today, either.  Ick.  Contractions are back, so…..I feel like my body is preparing.  It wants to keep things cleaned out for labor, I guess.  I don’t remember continued vomiting in the early stages of labor with my other children.  But then, with this one, I have been vomiting from the start  of the pregnancy with very little break.  Will keep you posted.



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