What I got done on Saturday…

What I we got done on Saturday –

I woke up cramping, and thought, well, this could be the day.  But….

It wasn’t.  That sure lit a fire under us to do what we needed to get done today, though.  The two big things were 1. changing all the beds and 2. cleaning all the bathrooms.  Not only did we do that, but we also got the following done:

3. All laundry caught up.

4. All floors vacuumed, including bathrooms.  (Yeah, we vacuum anything and everything we can.  If it gets it clean faster, we vacuum it.  I even vacuum my bread drawer when I clean it out.)

5. Wood floors mopped.

6. Grocery shopping.

7. Neighborhood gifts wrapped and delivered.

8. Non-perishable food packed for Beloved for hospital.

9. Homemade pizza and Caesar salad for dinner.  Oh, and it was so good!

10. Worked on Home Management Binder.

11. Updated Freezer Inventory Lists (we have three freezers with a menagerie of stuff  in each.)

12. Laid out all school assignments for the entire week.

Now, lest you think I am trying to put myself into labor, I did not do all this work alone.  Thank the good Lord for my wonderful husband and our crew of very cool children!

Baby boy, come as you like.  We are all ready for you.


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