When Things Don't Go As Planned….And Other Inconveniences

Well, I did not make it to the store this morning after all.  Son #1 decided to fool around this morning instead of getting ready to go (this is not unusual), and he got hurt.

I had just answered the phone, it was my Mom wanting to discuss the Christmas Eve Menu, and I heard a scream, but that is not an unsual occurence in my home.  My children are a loud and boisterous bunch! 

But this time my son came to me with blood all over his hand and said what I thought was, "I crushed my hand on brother’s bed!"  He was hysterical, "help me, Mama, help me!" and it took me a moment to figure out what he was saying and realize there was more blood than just on his one hand.

He had blood all over both hands and his clothes.  I had Daughter hang up the phone and asked him where is all the blood coming from?  He said it was his head.  Then the sinking feel in my gut hit, and I tried to stay strong for him.  He was already so hysterical.  Then he said he felt very sick. 

I sat him next to me and asked Daughter to get a washcloth while I inspected his head.  OH, LORD!  His scalp was completely separated in a wound at least an inch long!  Daughter came back and I asked her for two throw up bowls, as by then Son and I both felt ill.  She brought them and then I nearly passed out.  I was already seated on the mud room bench, but ended up sliding down onto the floor and almost losing consciousness.  I snapped myself out of it, because it wasn’t helping.  I was trying to be strong, but I did not feel well at all! 

Daughter called Beloved and she couldn’t really talk becuase she was freaked out.  I tried to tell him what had happened, but Son kept saying don’t talk about it in front of me!  He just didn’t want to hear about the scalp being separated, etc.  Beloved said he would come home now and I thanked the Lord right there that I would not have to be the one to drive him to the ER by myself.  Beloved was concerned about it all putting me into labor and he didn’t want to take any chances.  I recovered rather quickly after that.  Daughter loaded up the little guys and I packed some Peanut Butter Balls and Son’s jacket and a Blanket, as he seemed to be going into shock when I got him in the car.  He got cold and really scared.

I explained to him what they would do and asked Daughter to make sure he didn’t pass out while I got the rest of my stuff loaded.  The Beloved came and took us to the ER.  I took Son into register him, but Beloved ended up taking him in for treatment.  He was concerned that I couldn’t handle it in  my condition.  He forgets that I handled what is now known in our family as the "Chopstick Incident" alone when he was out of town and I was pregnant.  That included a Cat Scan complete with IV of Son.  But I wasn’t as far along then as I am, now.

Son has five staples in his scalp.  No X-rays necessary.  No concussion.  No stitches.  Obviously, he does have a headache.

The staples come out in 7 days. 

And that is enough drama for me today.  I may or may not make it to the store today, and I don’t even care anymore.


2 thoughts on “When Things Don't Go As Planned….And Other Inconveniences

  1. My Rachel fell off a chair onto the ledge of a window when she was about 2, almost 3 at a Baskin & Robins. It squirted blood everywhere. We were very freaked out. The B&R employee just stared at us as we told her to call 911. Anyhow, at least for us, after the ambulance got there, the bleeding had mostly stopped and they said it wasn't a big deal – that the part of the head that was cut just tended to bleed a lot and that we could take her to the E.R. I think Rachel got five staples. She's our daughter with only one kidney because the other one was completely blocked from the time it developed in utero. So we joked that she would be the daring one. Well, I don't know if it's daring, but she is definitely the active, yet clumsey one.

    My Natalie had a bad stomach bug like she does right now, last year when I was due to have a baby. I never go into labor on time, but she was limp like a noodle and had to be taken to the E.R. and I remember just feeling so emotional because I feared my one baby would need me at the same time that my other baby wanted to be born.

    Anyhow…I relate to your story. It sounds like your daughter and your husband are both great troopers.

  2. When you have a bunch of kids, there is usually one you have a hard time keeping out of the ER. This is MY ONE. His first visit was at 2 years old. His second visit was in March 2006, the aforementioned "Chopstick Incident" you really don't want to know about, and which he doesn't like to talk about (we aren't even allowed to say the word chopstick around him), and now this. I told him this is it. He's had his three visits and doens't get anymore. No more fooling around and getting hurt.

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