Yesterday I did not do too much.  I’ve been pretty lazy lately.  I did dishes, made a salad and did Language Arts with the children.

Today, laundry is on the agenda, as well as dishes and probably some Christmas decorating with the children and schoolwork, of course.  Right now I’m just trying to get my breakfast to settle.

I also have correspondence to catch up on, and that is a nice, sedentary thing to work on today, too.  I have a burr in my saddle about an article I read this weekend in Mother Earth News about population control, so I plan to write them a letter in response to their complete ignorance on the subject.  I may reprint a letter to the editor I wrote for our local paper in May here on my blog about population control and why it is a myth.  We’ll see how brave I get, LOL.

Still waiting for that burst of energy I’m supposed to get before delivery.  I have not finished baby’s quilt, because with the temporary Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, quilting is not too appealing right now.  Maybe if I finish it he will come?

I’m nervous about delivery, but keep praying for peace and for an easier delivery.  I started drinking my Pregnancy Tea, but I need to buy some Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.  I remembered my easiest delivery was the child I drank the tea with.  I should do whatever I can to make it easier on myself and to avoid drugs, if possible.

I need to make sure my children are doing their chores.  Have a great day!

Miss Kris


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