Population Control – Poisonous Myth?

This is an Extremely Conservative Blog and anyone who would be offended by an argument against Population Control should refrain from reading the following post. 

This is a not a place to stage a debate.  This is my place to write about my life and what I believe in.  Properly written, respectful comments are always accepted.  But anything inappropriate or attacking will be taken care of according to my discretion.  Fair warning!


Here is a cleaned up version of my letter to our local editor last May.  I have removed all personal names, etc., from the letter to protect the innocent and ignorant of my dear city.

May 26, 2008

Dear Editor,

It’s interesting that Ms. K of Our City (May 23 Letter) would accuse Ms. M. of being “clueless” when Ms. K herself seems misinformed on the subject of overpopulation.

“Overpopulation” is a debatable theory, not a fact.  The earth is capable of supporting us all.  The problem is not with a lack of resources, but with poor distribution and bad policies.  If we have a lack of resources in the U.S., why does the government pay farmers not to farm their land?

If the world is overpopulated, why are 80 countries known as “below replacement fertility,” meaning they cannot replace their own population?  Declining death and birth rates create a society where the majority of the population is over 65, a recipe for economic disaster. 

France is paying mothers to have children.  Australia is asking those who can have children to have one each for mom, dad and country.  These countries have done the research and see that to have a healthy economy, they must have a healthy population of young people.  Abortion, birth control and infertility have all contributed to our present day Social Security problem here in the U.S.

As a mother of five children, I resent the suggestion that family planning is the answer to the supposed “population problem.”  Is it not obvious that forced family planning is unconstitutional?  This is not China.  This is America.  Better management and distribution of our resources seems like a more constructive (and legal) solution to me.

Ms. K is certainly free to limit her family size, just as I am free to expand mine.  But when Ms. K retires and collects her first Social Security check, I hope she realizes whose children are working to pay for it.


Kristina M.

My City

I would like to add that Ms. K. did respond to my letter (which was written in response to her letter accusing a friend of mine of being "clueless" and insisting some kind of population control should be required in our country), and I have since learned that Ms. K. is already retired and travels extensively in Third World Countries.  Seeing that kind of suffering and poverty is what has made her feel that population control is the answer to our world’s problems. 

Ms. K.  also suggested that myself and others like me believe it is only Caucasion peoples that should be able to have as many children as we like and that we think that others not like us should be controlled.  Accusing someone of being racist when you have no idea what color they are to begin with is ludicrous.  Ms. K. was and is obviously completely out in left field.  Another gentleman wrote later "Shame on her for making an accusation like that."

And, of course, anyone who knows me would say I am one of the last people to be racist.  After all, I’m married to a Latino!  I had to chuckle about that!


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