When do you decorate for Christmas?

A few years ago, we started decorating the day after Thanksgiving and we really like it that way.  It makes the Holidays last longer for us, and it’s no problem, since we have artificial trees.  When I say trees, I do mean plural.  The goal is to have a different themed tree in nearly every room of the house.  We’re working on it!

It doesn’t have to be expensive to do this.  We get trees on clearance and they’re not all big trees.  The boys tree goes in their bathroom, so it’s small for their counter.  Daughter has a small purple tree in her room.  We have a lovely flocked tree in our Master bedroom and I decorate that with very pretty ornaments I got all on clearance one year after Christmas.  We just planned ahead for the next year and got what we thought we’d need for each tree.  Our Master Bedroom tree has a white, gold, aqua and green theme.  Very pretty.

I might get to go out on Black Friday for a while alone, we’ll see.  It really depends on if anything in the ads that I want or need for Christmas.  I can’t imagine, though, since I’m pretty much done with the shopping.  But you never know what good deals you’ll find.

Well, I’m off to get my boys hair cuts, and various other errands.  Have a blessed day!


One thought on “When do you decorate for Christmas?

  1. I think we are going to go cut our Christmas tree this year from the National Forest, which should be a new experience. We like to do the tree a week or two later, but then we like to keep it up until New Years. Honestly, sometimes I'd like to not do the tree at all, it takes up room we don't have, but it means so much to my children and my husband.

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