Works for Me Wednesday: The Benefits of Music in Your Homeschool

Do you remember the words to the songs you learned as a child?  I do.  It’s likely you remember those early songs you learned then better than any other music since.

This is why I feel so strongly about using music in my homeschool.  Having memory verses or the multiplication table put to music is a great supplementary learning tool for your family.  Children learn things SO quickly, but even more quickly when the music they listen to reinforces what they’ve learned.  Here are a few links to some learning tools I especially like or want to add to our collection sometime soon.

Beyond using music to memorize facts and verses better, exposing our children to GOOD music, studies show, is beneficial for brain development, particularly the part if the brain which is used for mathematics.

We have several classical music CDs which actually pre-date our children.  We’ve just always enjoyed it.  But now we use them in our home education.  And, there is nothing cooler than finding the song they are learning on the piano on one of those CDs.  They get very excited about that.

Finally, teaching our children to play an instrument is another aspect of the classical education, a way of teaching discipline, and another avenue to worship their Creator.  You don’t have to be musical yourself to make sure your children get a musical education. 

Do some research.  Find someone who can teach them or learn an instrument together.  I recommend the piano as a first lesson instrument, because they learn all the music theory with piano.  Once they know that, they can switch or add additional instruments.  Daughter is looking forward to adding the guitar in 2009, but she will continue her piano lessons until we feel she has acquired the level of skill we want her to have.

Whatever you choose, the time and money spent is well worth the investment.


2 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday: The Benefits of Music in Your Homeschool

  1. I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Your meal planning sounds so good. Would you consider having a recipe link for some of those good meals. Especially those crockpot ones. They sounded so good ;0)

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Linda,

    I would love to share my recipes. There is actually a lot of things I would like to do with this blog that I don't know how to do. I wish I knew HTML! But I will try to share some of my recipes and/or links. And if there is something in particular you'd like, please let me know. I can always email you some things, too. Like my Master Meals List, Pantry Inventory, etc.

    Good to hear from you!


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