How to Look Good on a Budget, Part One

Let us not forget that our husbands are out there in the world all day, faced with so many things and so many women who are dressed up, dressed inappropriately, etc.  Make sure he looks forward to coming home to you by fixing yourself up for him and greeting him with a smile when he walks in the door.

Keep on hand the following items, if you are inclined to use cosmetics:

A Good Moisturizer (that does NOT have to equal expensive)

Loose Powder in an Appropriate Shade

Lip Pencil in a neutral color

Lip Gloss


Even if you haven’t bothered to fix yourself up all day, it is worth it to do something with yourself before your Beloved comes home from work.  At four o’clock, make the kids busy with something and slip into your bathroom for some damage control. 

Wash your face, comb your hair, and apply your moisturizer and let it dry.  Brush on some loose powder to even out your skin tone, line your lips and color them in with your neutral colored lip liner.  Touch them in the center with some lip gloss.  Blend.  Apply your mascara evenly. 

Put on fresh clothes, if necessary.  Try not to greet him with stained/spit up on/icky clothing. Say a prayer for the evening and you are ready to go.


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