Election Day: Why You Should Vote McCain/Palin Today

This is NOT a political blog, and for the purposes of this entry, I will assume that my readers are all pretty conservative, as you may have noticed I am.  If I have readers who are not on the conservative side and are supporters of Obama, this entry is not for you.  And this is not meant to be offensive in any way.  This entry is directed to those who already vote conservatively and are considering voting for someone other than McCain/Palin or Obama today.

I have great concern about the outcome of the elections today.  There are many reasons conservatives should not want to see Mr. Obama claim the White House, but I will not get into those on my blog.  Suffice it to say that if your personal freedom is important to you, we need to do everything we can to keep Mr. Obama out of the White House.  But I feel something should be addressed among conservatives who may not understand what voting our conscience will get us in this election. 

If I were to vote my conscience today, I would be voting for Ron Paul.  My personal beliefs actually line up more with the Constitution Party than with the Republican Party, but I am registered Republican and I always have been.

The first presidential election I voted in had a STRONG third candidate running, Ross Perot on the Independent ticket, if I remember correctly.  But he was not strong enough to win.  Perot ran as a business man who could run the financial end of the country with skill.  Folks were somewhat fed up with the economy at the time, as we were in a financial bust during the early nineties.

MANY conservatives voted for Ross Perot that year (I didn’t) and the result was a split of  the conservative vote and victory for Bill Clinton, who, in my opinion, made a mockery of the Office of the Presidency.

So if you were too young to vote that year, or you didn’t learn from that election result, let me remind you that if you do not want Mr. Obama to enter the White House on January 20, think long and hard about who you vote for.  Don’t split our conservative vote.  Vote for the major party, Republican, if you want a conservative in the White House.  Vote for McCain/Palin today.


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