What I Got Done on Saturday…

What I got done on Saturday:

Picked up toys, etc., from my bathroom floor (how do they get there?) and got ready to vacuum and mop in there.  Went through magazine bin in bathroom and got rid of old stuff and returned a few books to their rightful homes.  Yes, we keep plenty of reading material in our bathroom, LOL.

Quickly went through all three boys clothing and packed up summer clothing, labeled all and made list of who needs what.  Basically oldest son is the only person in need of anything.  (Did daughters clothing earlier this week.)

Got five boxes ready to go up into the loft.  Beloved needs to do this for me.  He will also get down a few boxes for me at the same time, Boy 3T Fall/Winter Clothing and Newborn Clothing.

Five loads of laundry.

Made 51 (-1, since I had to try one) homemade dinner rolls for our Home Group meeting on Sunday.  This is the first time I’ve made homemade yeast dinner rolls and they turned out really good.  That’s a relief.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Fig Bars

Two breakfast casseroles cooked and ready to eat.  Will serve with Banana bread frozen from last weeks baking session and orange juice on Sunday morning.  One casserole will go into the freezer if not eaten.

Vegetable Chowder for dinner, with enough leftover for lunch tomorrow.  I used the rich broth I made on Friday evening and the left over veggies to make this very nutritious soup.  The chicken quesadillas will have to wait until Monday night.

Went to look at a used Costco swing set (waste of time). 

Visited my parents for a few hours since we were in town.

Three loads of dishes.

Figured out church clothes.

Collapsed in bed.


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