It's Been An Unusual Week

It’s been somewhat strange and kind of nice to have Beloved here so much this week.  He got all of our property mowed and ready to plant the seed. 

Our whole backyard is covered with FREE bark we got from the highway project down the road.  Since we are not landscaped in the back, yet, it will keep down the mud this winter and should be nice and composted down when we go to plant grass in the spring.  When in doubt, speak with authority, right?  I am believing our grass will, indeed, be put in in the spring.

Also, our second Costco carport thingy is going up today.  We got it in August, along with the first one, but didn’t get the second one up because we’ve just been too busy.  The first one has our animals in it, and the second will house our firewood and log splitter.  They are only 10’x20′, and we fill them up fast.  What we really need is a barn, but that’s not happening anytime soon.  These aren’t bad looking and worth the $175.00 we paid for them (with rebates).  Our older children are helping our employee put that up, as Beloved had to go actually earn some money today, hehehe.

We did a big grocery shop this morning, as I have some cooking plans this weekend.  Also, there were several things on sale I wanted to stock up on.  This afternoon, we are in intensive multiplication training with my oldest two children.  They will also be required to do some reading from their booklists and some art.  Our music is completed early every morning, so that is done.

I was reviewing the scope and sequence I follow last night and realize that my children are not getting enough composition practice.  So I am devising ways for them to do that.  They will be writing letters to their penpals instead of emailing and forming paragraphs based on what they’ve read in their booklist books. 

Daughter, as the oldest, has started writing book reports and will be required to write some original poetry and a state report this year.  Since she is now required to spend some time in the Word every morning, I was hoping to have her start a journal.  We’ll see how it goes.  I need to be reading for her to read.  On that note, I found a great guide to reading the Bible Chronologically.  This is right up my alley, as the family historian, because I prefer to know what happened when and in what order, anyway.  So I am thinking this is the way to go for me.  I will keep you posted.

Have a great day,

Miss Kris


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