Family Home Companion Notebook

This is what I’m calling my home management binder I’m working on.  I’m making good progress on it, too.  The great thing is, some of the things I’ve been including in the binder are things my Beloved has wanted me to get down on paper for some time.  A list of lunch and breakfast menus is one example.

So here are the categories I have.  Later I will tell you what all is in the categories, as I get them filled up.  Here’s what I have so far:

First Page: Our Family Mission written out to remind us.

First Section: Schedule

Our master schedule and my weekly housekeeping routine right next to each other.  Also a 2008/2009 Calendar just for viewing.  I keep my actual calendar separate on my chalkboard. (I use the Mom’s Plan-it! Calendar because it has room for lots of kids, but I will be running out of room with this new addition, I think, LOL.)

Second Section: Housekeeping

Cleaning Checklists & Supply Forms

Third Section: Family Kitchen

Menu Lists, Pantry Inventories, Herbal & Health Information.  Will also include mix recipes and often used recipes.

Fourth Section: Home School (This is going to get full.  Good thing Beloved got me a LARGE binder.)

Goals for each child through high school.  Yearly course of study and curriculum record.  Master copies of book report forms, etc.

Fifth Section: Children

Non-home school children items.  Right now I have a master of the drawer labels I did for the boys dressers.

Sixth Section: Projects

These are my personal projects I’m working on.  (I finished my Master Bedroom curtains, by the way.)

Seventh Section: Contacts

Home Group Rosters, Medical/Dental Office Info.,  Business Card sheets for household contacts.

Eight Section: Encouragement

Any article, etc. I run across that I want to read again and again for encouragement.

That’s what I’ll be working on over the next few weeks.  As I try to get my household more organized and make it so that I don’t have to be the only person who can run it.

Blessings today,



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