A Busy Day Today

I have two little guys sick, but still have some work to do today.  I am fighting the cold myself, but seem to be doing okay.

I have some laundry to catch up on, kitchen cleaning to do and baking.  I’m going to keep the baking simple, though.  Maybe some banana bread and oatmeal cookies and that’s it. 

I also started a sewing project this week that I would like to finish today -lengthening and embellishing my Master Bedroom curtains.  I think they will be very pretty and Beloved will be happy to see them finally done.

Beloved has to speak at a workshop this afternoon.  So this morning he is supervising property clean up and wood stacking.  He also has a few things inside he needs to finish from his projects two weeks ago.  He did a lot of drywall patching and that needs to be primed and painted today.

We’ll see how we do.

Blessings today,



2 thoughts on “A Busy Day Today

  1. Sounds like a busy day, especially for three people having a cold. My little one (almost 1) has a cold and she is extra grumpy. I wish you lots of progress.

  2. Thank you for your well wishes!

    I finished the master bedroom curtains and got the banana bread baked and LOTS of laundry done. Kids showers cleaned, too. Beloved got a lot done outside with the kids, including the wood stacked on the porch for easy access, and because it is supposed to rain today. We wanted to keep some of it dry, anyway.

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