Planning Ahead in the Kitchen: Where to get the inspiration?

 I’ve decided to post the rest of this series this week, in the hope that it will help out a friend and also so I don’t make you all wait for this information.  I have added a few thoughts to this beyond what I shared at our homeschool group.

Getting Inspired – Where do you get the inspiration?

1.  Some of you are not going to want to hear this.  But I’ll say it anyway. 

Go to your husband.  Ask him what he wants to eat, and where he thinks you can improve.   Some of us may need to humble ourselves first.  Do this with his interests at heart.   Pleasing him in the kitchen is your number one priority.  Do not ask him to help you lay out your menus.  This is your job.  But do take whatever help he offers.

 2.  Ask the Lord to help you figure out how to please your husband within your budget, while not killing yourself in the kitchen.  Let’s face it, some of us are schooling up until dinner time, especially those with older/multiple children.  Ask Him to help you be creative with your time and money.

3. Please your children, to a point.  It doesn’t make sense to make things they don’t like.  That’s a waste of time and money.  Cook for the majority, while still pleasing your husband.

4. Learn how to make balanced, nutritious meals.  It’s your job to keep up on health and nutrition.  Nutritionist is one of your many hats!

5. Read cookbooks like they are chapter books.  It makes you a better cook.  This is some of the greatest cooking advice I received when I got married and it has proved to be right on.  Pears and ginger go well together.  This is something you’d have to read in a cookbook to know.  At least, I wouldn’t have come up with it myself.

6. Checkout great recipe websites, like  There are a lot of resources online.  Here is a list of resources I have put together for you: Book & Online Resource List

Go to your local library and check out cookbooks.  This is a good way to test drive a cookbook before you buy it, too.

7. Take some classes.  Learn from other women, etc., in the Titus 2 manner.  Mentors are hard to find these days.  If there is a woman you really admire, that you feel you could learn from, ask her to mentor you.  I bet she’ll say yes.


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