Planning Ahead in the Kitchen: Organization & Logistics

Organization & Logistics

 Keep a Pantry Inventory List.  Take a look at mine for ideas: PANTRY INVENTORY  List everything you keep on hand in your pantry, frig and freezer.  These are your must haves, like syrup, mustard, flour, baking powder, frozen vegies, whatever you use on a regular basis.  Label your pantry shelves so the little folks can put things away easily.  Huh?  No, I don’t put the groceries away at our house for smaller shopping trips.  My children do.  For big shops, me and daughter work together, usually with help from Beloved.  Beloved will also supervise little boys putting away bathroom/diapers/whatever stuff.

When something from your list goes on sale, stock up on it.  This is where it helps to know your prices.

Use free online menu forms & printables to plan your weekly meals. or  Two fantastic sites.  If you haven’t visited Donna Young’s homeschool printables site, GO, NOW.  You’ll be glad you did.

Put together a family cookbook so anyone can cook your family meals.  Software helps with this project.  I am still working on this project.  My other laptop crashed on me and I have not restored my files to this machine because it isn’t mine.  (long story)  Check out Mastercook $10 software for recipe organization.  You can find it at Staples.  It does recipe conversion and Nutrition Information for you.

Start collecting containers to freeze your meals in if you plan to freezer cook:

1.      Glad pans, if you can find them.  I recently found some at Fred Meyer, finally.  These are supposed to be BPA free and they are great for taking meals to others because they aren’t obligated to return your dish and you don’t have to worry about being short one.

2.      Ziploc Bags

3.      Canning/Freeze Jars

4.      Plastic Freezer Containers

5.      Homemade Molds and then repackage when frozen.  To explain: Use your usual freezable glass dishes.  Line them with aluminum foil, sprayed with Pam, then place your casserole into the lined pan.  Wrap foil around top and freeze casserole.  When frozen, remove from pan and wrap in freezer papers or put into Ziploc freezer bag, however it will fit.  You’ve used your glass dish but haven’t lost it to your freezer.  When you remove the casserole from the freezer, pop it back into your glass dish and cook per instructions.

6. Glass dishes are not that expensive at places like Walmart.  If you buy just one $10 dish per month, pretty soon you’l have a good collection.  This is the way I recommend freezing your meals, because glass is the healthiest option.

Label, date and include instructions on everything you put into the freezer.  You don’t want all that hard work to go to waste!

Keep a freezer inventory so you know what’s in there.

Next: How I Do It

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