Monday & Rite Aid

Today was supposed to be a very busy day for me and I got up very early and started cleaning up the house, which is always messy after a weekend.  But a few things got canceled for us today, and it is a good thing, too.  I have a very bad headache and needed to lay down for a while.  I am still not feeling the best and hopefull yit is just a headache and not something else coming on. 

Anyway, I wanted to make sure those of you who have Rite Aid stores know about their Single Check Rebates.  Our local ad comes out on Monday but the larger cities have the ad in their Sunday papers.  Their ads run Sunday through Saturday.

It is worth checking their ads to see what they are having for FREE that week.  Yes, you read right.  If you are not familiar with this keep reading.  If you know all about it, just skip the rest of this post.

Rite Aid has a monthly rebate catalog and they have their weekly sale flyers.  Sometimes their sale flyers have items that are listed FREE after rebate.  If you buy those items that week, you can go home and visit, register and follow the rebate directions.  If you think you are done for the month, choose to have your check sent to you right away.  If you aren’t, continue entering in your receipts all month, but make sure you request your single check before the deadline.  Rite Aid will send your single check rebate in a few weeks.  You get all the money your spent on those items back.  Don’t overlook the check -it is postcard sized so watch for it.

I used to regularly get my light bulbs there for free.  However, these days I either miss the sale or get there too late to get them, or maybe they just aren’t running that sale much anymore.  Lately, I did get 8 packs of lightbulbs their with a coupons for $1.00.  I asked if my third child could be counted as another customer since he was with me that day and I had two coupons, and they said they’d just let me buy both sets.  We needed lightbulbs.  So I got 8 -60 watt bulbs and 8 -75 watt bulbs for $2.00 total.  I thought that was a great deal.

All this to say that this week, Rite Aid is having a lot of health/cold/flu items FREE after rebate.  Check out their ad from yesterday or todays paper.  And if there’s something there that you use, go down and get it.  You have to lay out the cash now.  But you’ll get it back in a few weeks.  Hey, just consider it a savings plan.


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