So tired, but so glad!

It’s been a busy, busy day.  And I’m still not done.  But I had to sit for a while.  I am tired and I have more on my list to do.  The weekends never seem long enough!

So I sit here on the couch with my two year old guy and he is wiggling all over the place as I write.  Baby inside is doing the same.  Smile.

Today, I went and got a few things at the store to make my bulk cooking meals for when baby arrives.  I did not get done what I wanted last weekend, because when I went into my freezer to get out my ground beef, I found I only had three pounds left from our purchase of our steer last fall.  Wow, it seems like I had a lot at the beginning of summer.  We must have eaten a lot of hamburgers in the last few months.  So my lack of scouting my freezer and PLANNING got me a lot fewer meals than I had planned to make that weekend.

Anyway, that three pounds got cooked with homemade taco spices and frozen for three taco meals.  It can actually be used for either tacos or spaghetti, as I did not use anything in it I couldn’t use for both meals.  But since I did meatballs today, it will likely be used for tacos.

Last night I cleaned out my kitchen freezer.  I really don’t care for my side by side, as things get lost in there too easily.  I got a trash bag full of old stuff out of there and organized it and this morning we cleaned out the garage freezer (Okay, so I’m spoiled and I have three freezers -a menagerie, really.  Don’t be jealous!)  Now nothing will go in the freezers that is not: labeled, dated, and with instructions for whomever chooses to cook it, preferably not me, hehehe!  But my greatest concern is, NO MORE WASTE!

I found chicken thighs in there that were fine, but I decided to fill up the crockpot with them, sprinkle with some homemade fajita seasoning, and cook them until this morning.  I then shredded it and froze it in it’s juices to keep it from drying out.  That’s enough for two meals for our family.  I also found some odds and ends in there that were also just fine, but could not make a full meal for my family as they were, so I combined them to make a breakfast casserole which went into the frig last night and got baked this morning along with some Olallieberry Muffins.  It was pretty good.

Came home from the store this morning and made the following:

4 Meatloaves

100 Meatballs = 5 meals

1 Carrot Pesto Bake (a new recipe from my friend, SG)

And I am about to make 3 Cheeses Lasagnas (If I can get my back end off this couch.)

So total, I now have 14 meals in the freezer for when baby comes and will have 17 by the end of the day.  The Carrot Pesto Bake is for tonight.  It’s is an experiment, so not wise to do for bulk cooking, know what I mean?  If it’s a hit, I will definitely make more of it as a great vegetarian option for the freezer.  I already know I’m going to like it.  But everything depends on the rest of the family.

Later this week, I would really like to do pizzas for the freezer.  We’ll see how I’m feeling after this weekend, though.  LOL  I feel like I’ve been in the kitchen all day.  Oh, wait, that’s because I have been!

Blessings today,

Miss Kris


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