The Household Notebook

It has many names: Home Management Binder, Household Notebook, Home Companion, etc., etc.  Do a web search and see what comes up.  It is a very useful tool to help you run your household. 

And, although it is becoming very popular with homemakers these days, there is nothing new about a Household Notebook.  Our great great grandmothers likely used them.  Historical records of famous families usually include the matriarch’s household notebook.  In my research of the Lees of Virginia, a household notebook is part of their historical record.

I have known about this concept for some time, now, but have never put it in to practice.  The idea seemed overwhelming several years ago when I read about it at  I guess I needed to see more examples.  Now, however, there are so many examples online, blogs with instructions and free downloads, and more!  I am encouraged and have started to finally put together my own Family Home Companion Notebook.

Most folks don’t know me well enough to know that when it comes to paperwork, I am a real messie.  I sometimes feel like all I do is shuffle papers around our home.  This is a problem I have had since I was a kid.  I always had papers, papers everywhere.  I’ve gotten a bit better about it, as I throw out junk mail when it comes in and at least throw all the bills into a basket for Beloved to pay as soon as they come in.  I have also filed all of the property information in files by address so Beloved can go right to the necessary place when dealing with tenants, insurance, etc.  I am improving, somewhat.

Expecting my fifth child and seeing that my daughter is nearly ten years old, I feel it will only benefit our family to have all our important household information in one place.  This will help me rest more when baby comes and it will help Beloved and the rest of the family to become familiar with things they normally don’t pay attention to.  In the next few weeks, I will describe what I am doing to create this Notebook and as soon as I can, I will post photos of it.

In the meantime, check out,,, and do your own search to find out what others are doing with these once very important tools.


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