A New Week

It’s Monday again and we are getting back into our weekday routine.  The new chore packs I made the children using Managers of their Chores have been a God Send, literally!  My three oldest LOVE to clip their chore cards on and complete them in order and then report back to me.  They are pictorial for the non-readers and it is so nice.  My four year old son is learning what the pictures mean and starting to remember what he’s supposed to do next.  I LOVE MOTC!

I got a lot done this weekend, but looking at my house, it sure doesn’t look like it.  What did I do on Saturday?

1. 3-1/2 Quarts of pickles made.

2. Baking done: Coffee Cake, Granola Bars, Cookie Bars

3. 6 Loads Laundry

4. 3 Loads Dishes

5. Church Clothes Prepared

6. Errands Run – 5 stops, took #3 wiht me.  That was fun!

7. Made Pear Sauce, and still have many more pears to deal with!

On Sunday:

1. Went to Walmart all by my lonesome, peaceful.

2. Clean up Kitchen, kind of.

3. Sewed a cover for my wicker loveseat pad.  Moving it into the house for extra seating in the Living Room.  "New" piece of furniture for the cost of the fabric to cover, $8.88, plus I got two pillows out of the fabric.  GOOD DEAL! 

Making some pillows to match, etc.  Got another good deal on pillows clearanced at Walmart.  Bought 5 pillows for $3 each.  I cleaned them out, actually.  They aren’t the right colors, but who cares?  I am covering them.  It costs about $5 to buy a small pillow form, and these are nice 16 inch pillows.  Adding some comfort to our living room.  It needs to be homier, IMO.

The house is a real mess.  I did not finish the boys room completely on Friday, so that is staring me in the face.  But right now we need to get our schoolwork done, so I have to live with it for now.  More important things, ya know?

Have a blessed day,

Miss Kris


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