Back to School & Harvest Time

Well, you’ve probably guessed that between the Morning AKA All Day Sickness and everything else, I have been MIA for quite some time.  I am hoping I can post more regularly now that we are following more of a routine again and I am feeling somewhat better.

A few things we’ve been up to around here:

1. Garden, 1600 sq. ft. this year!

2. Three birthdays

3. Decorate baby nursery in blue and yellow!

4. Family Camp

5. Creating and implementing a new chore system (Managers of Their Chores is highly recommended!)

6. Getting ready for the school year

7. Establishing new routines

8. Putting up food

9. Picking pears

There’s probably more that I’m forgetting right now.  Why I think summer is a break  is beyond me.  It has been VERY busy.

Did you catch the color scheme of the nursery?  I’m using blue and that’s a clue! 

We couldn’t help ourselves this time and scheduled an U/S to find out what we’re having.  On July 14, we found out we are having another little boy!  We just laughed so hard in the U/S room!  We’re thinking we are extremely blessed to have gotten a girl first.  Now we know why we both really wanted a little girl first.  She is such a big help with her little brothers.  And, she didn’t take the news too badly, although she has wanted a little sister for some time, now.  I think she realizes now that even this were a little girl, they would be ten years apart.

I have been busy this week.  Besides school, I am organizing the boys clothing, again.  I bought plastic drawer units to get everything into their closets.  I will be adding the little guys clothes to it, too, as he has been moved into the big boys room.  It’s hard to believe we will eventually have four boys in that room. 

Their twin beds were starting to fall apart, so we moved them out and they have been on their mattresses on the floor for a few months, now.  Beloved plans to make them twin beds with trundles, so everyone is close to the floor, as neither of us is comfortable with bunk/loft beds at all.  But he hasn’t had time to start them, yet.  It isn’t too bad in there right now, with the toddler bed between the twin mattresses. 

My boys beat up their walls, so I am seriously considering using wall carpeting half way up the walls.  What do you think?  More practical then painting again, I think.  We’ll see how much it costs, first, though.

Well, I have to go crack the whip.  The noise level has gotten too high in there and I need to check it out.

Edited to add: (Okay, so you all know when I say "crack the whip" I am really just  giving a stern reminder for my children to get back on task, right?  My Mom was concerned folks would think I was using a whip on them, LOL!)

Blessings today,

Miss Kris


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