Monday, June 30

Good morning!

Today, I have the laundry and dishes going.  I also ordered my son’s birthday gift online this morning.  He is getting a set of building Legos for his 8th birthday.  I enjoyed building houses with Legos as a child and I wanted him to have the same experience.  He likes to sit and spend time with projects like that, so I thought he’d really enjoy them.  I don’t know what happened to my set.  And we never have bought any.  I have yet to figure out what we’re doing to celebrate his birthday.

I am about to head out to the garden to plant a few more plants I picked up (not all of my seeds germinated and there are a few things we just HAVE to have).  My oldest son is going to help with the weeds while I am out there.  My second son is going to hang out with us and my daughter and third son are going to stay in the house.  Maybe I will have them vacuum?

Then we’ll come in and do our math work, language arts and lunch.  Then I need to bathe my third son and get him ready to go to the doctor.  He has a buckle fracture in his wrist and this is the day to follow up with the doc on it.  It is hard to see my little guy with a splint on.  He really wants that thing off, too.  He keeps asking me to take it off.  Poor little guy.  He will be a big two year old boy next month!  We’re going camping to celebrate his birthday.  Everyone is excited about that!

Then I think we will read a bit and have some free time while I do some more laundry.  Always laundry!

We had VBS last week and my two older children really enjoyed it.  They learned a lot about Creation, what happened after the Tower of Babel, etc.  I learned some things, too.  I didn’t know before which grandchildren of Noah ended up where in the world, and that was interesting to learn about.

Well, I have to go get busy before it’s too hot to go out to the garden.  I will check back in tomorrow and share what’s on our plates then.  You wait for summer to have a break, but there really is too much to do now, too!

Blessings today,

Miss Kris


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