'Tis the Season

Soccer season has officially begun!

This season, our two eldest are playing.  This is probably the last time we do that.  We don’t like to become involved in too many things outside home.  But we felt we would let them try it this time.  This is P’s (son #1 Nickname) third season and Daughter’s first.  She probably won’t play again.  I think we’ll let Tani (Son #2 Nickname) play int he fall in the Kinder League just for fun.  It is really good exercise for them.  But we need to be exercising as a family.

I’ve been wanting to post for some time, but our lives have been so busy these past few weeks.  It is finally settling down (except for soccer).  But soon we’ll need to start working in the garden and finishing our chicken coop.  I will post later about our FREE chicken coop.  You’re gonna love this idea.  Especially if you like salvaged items.

Things have been turned upside down around here as we make some changes in our business situation.  I will share more about that later, too.

Today we go use our Book-It coupons.  We haven’t done that since January when we all got the flu/colds thing.  We also need to go buy diapers and milk -the story of my life!  Hehehe.  I might take the boys for haircuts, we’ll see how I feel.  And then back home to get ready for Tani’s Pirate Adventure Birthday Party of Sunday.  He turns four years old on Monday.

It’s hard to believe he is the same baby boy I struggled so hard to feed and keep alive when he was born.  He is now our biggest child (age comparatively speaking) and very strong!

I’m off to crack the whip!

Blessings today,






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