Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote.  We have been down for several weeks with the flu and colds.  It was actually a nightmare!  Especially with Baby throwing up!  One thing I have a hard time with is vomit.  Baby isn’t so bad, but the older children, uhhh!

Anyway, we are finally all healthy again and I will try to post more regularly.  I would like to talk about some homeschooling subjects, how I teach my children, etc.  We are finally getting into a routine that works for us with curriculum that works, too.  It is such a relief.

I am attending our monthly local homeschool meeting tonight and am looking forward to it.  It is the only time I go out without my children and last month was very educational.  It’s so encouraging to listen to experienced homeschool mothers and what has worked for them.  No two families are alike, but it is always helpful to glean ideas from others and use them however they work for your own family.  I learn a lot from them and it is truly a Titus 2 ministry for me, anyway, to have them share with us.

Have a blessed day,

Miss Kris


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