Christmas Baking

Here’s the list of what we’re baking for Christmas.  But it could and probably will be tweaked/changed before it’s all over!

Cranberry Almond Biscotti

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies – Done

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Done

Fudge – Done

Persimmon Bread

Banana Berry Bread – Done

Frosted Sugar Cookies

Almond Spritz

Mom’s says she’s making fruitcake.  Last year I made Almond Butter Cookies with Almond Kisses on them and they were good.  This year, I’m just using what I’ve got and not buying anything special.  But I will make those again sometime.  Daughter and I will be making Persimmon Jam tonight.

We were given a whole bunch of Persimmons and I pureed them this morning for baking and jam.  I have never had Persimmon Jam, but we are really low on jam right now, so that’s what I’m making.  I hope everyone likes it!

Until next time, Miss Kris


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