One Week To Go

Well, we have one more week before Christmas.  I still have a few sewing projects AKA gifts to finish, and lots of baking I want to do.  I am getting together a list of cookies and things I want to bake and will post it ASAP, promise!

Yesterday, we made a gingerbread house.  It was a kit given to me by a friend who had one in the back of her pantry.  I had planned to buy one, as Daughter has wanted to do one for some time, now.  But the Lord provided one free of charge.  It was fun!  I have only done something like it once, with graham crackers.  This was a nicer result, and of course, everyone ate their share of candy. (I had bought extra, so they wouldn’t eat the old stuff.)

On a more depressing note, our employee’s home, where he lives with his elderly parents, burned to the ground Sunday night.  They did not have insurance, did not use banks, and had priceless antiques within the walls of an old mobile.  It was an electrical fire and they barely got out before the smoke overtook them.  Wallets, glasses and their cat were all left inside the dwelling.

They are strong Christian folks and I know they will get through this.  They have a lot of support from their five children and their church, where they serve in leadership.  Mrs. Downes said she knows things are just things, but it is hard just the same.  All family photos were lost.  That is one thing I don’t think I could ever fully recover from.

So I am considering this a wake up call to me.  This coming year is my year to become more organized.  I have always struggled keeping paperwork, photos, and more organized.  This is a must do in 2008.  Although the risk of fire in our home is slim, any number of things could happen, and it is only prudent to be prepared!

In the meantime, we got them a Walmart gift card to help them get some clothes.  It’s not much, as we can’t afford too much right now.  But it should help a little.  I mean, just getting some clean underwear would be a huge blessing to me in that situation!  If you think to, please pray for these folks, the Downes Family.  It’s going to be tough Christmas for them this year.  But God is faithful!

Blessings to you today,

Miss Kris


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