What is a large family?

I get comments on our family size all the time.  I’m sure I mentioned this before, but one day does not go by when I am out when someone does not say to me, "You have your hands full."

Now, why is this starting to sound old?

1. Because I can actually SEE & FEEL the phrase coming!

2.  Because it always comes.

3. Because the entire city has now said that to me.

4.  But, more importantly, because I don’t consider four children to really be a large family.

It seems like our culture considers 2-4 children an acceptable amount.  Of course, four is pushing it.  But it is generally considered okay when you are trying for a specific gender.  Imagine their curiosity then, to see me walk by with a girl, and then three boys following.  They’re probably thinking I don’t know what causes it.  Or even worse, that I do know and it is my source of income!

It makes me so happy when I pull out my checkbook to pay for my groceries and not the expected WIC coupons.  And my children look so much alike that there can not be any doubt, even to a stranger, that they all have the same parentage.

It makes me even happier to see my children behaving as a Christian Homeschooling Family should.  Of course, they have their moments.  But they are learning that we are to be examples to the world around us.  It’s important that large families and homeschoolers don’t get a bad rap because of our family’s behavior in public places.

But what will they say (or think) when I cross over that acceptable threshhold and have my fifth, sixth or eighth baby?

I don’t really care what they think.  But sometimes folks can be verbally rude and nosy and that bothers me a lot.

Most days, telling me I have my hands full doesn’t really bother me. 

I just tell them our hearts are full, too.


2 thoughts on “What is a large family?

  1. We, too, have four blessings…and another in Heaven awaiting us. We hear the same comments…and really heard them when we were expecting babe #5.
    It does get old….and it does hurt my heart. How can anyone not see a child as a blessing? If we had our way, we'd have at least 8 by now…after over 16 years of marriage, we had "planned" a few more! 🙂

    I'm right there with ya!!

    Abundant Blessings,

  2. Laurie,
    We've been married more than 16 years, also. Out of ignorance, we waited a long time to start our family. I often think about how many we could have had by now.

    But I know that we came to the realization of how precious these children are and how they are a heritage to the Lord in His timing. And, His timing is perfect. So I put away my regrets and look forward to whatever future blessings He decides to give us.

    I hope we will receive at least four more before I get too old. My husband must have a lot of faith, because he is older than I and sometimes thinks about how old he will be when our younger ones become adults. But the Lord knows what He's doing and I jujst think they will keep us young!

    Blessings to you today,

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