Homemade Christmas

This year, we have decided to make our own Christmas gifts instead getting involved in the commercialism of the holidays.

We have two reasons for this.  One is budget.  Things are getting a little tight this year as things slow down and folks hold onto their money a little tighter than usual.

The second reason is we have noticed that our children tend to take things for granted and want their own way too much.  Beloved would like to take them to a third world country to show them what they have so they’ll appreciate it more.  Short of that, getting creative about gifts this year should open their eyes a little.  And, it’s not like they really need anything.

So the idea of doing this is getting a little overwhelming for me as we get closer to Christmas and I haven’t figured out what to do for the boys, yet.  I also haven’t really started anything either.

But I hope to get over this feeling soon and enjoy planning the holidays with my children.  I really want to make them special in a different way for them this year.

How do you all celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving?  Please share!



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