Storing The Clothing That Clothes The Masses

How do I arrange this clothing, especially with three boys in a row?  Well, quite some time ago, Beloved and I purchased beds from IKEA that have drawers underneath.  These are not captains beds, as those are just too tall for my taste and safety concerns.  These are normal height beds, but with three large rolling drawers underneath each.  If you are familiar with IKEA, you know their products are reasonably priced because you put them together yourself.

These beds are made of birch and white laminate, easy to clean and not such good quality that I have to worry about the stickers that are now stuck to them, or the pen marks here and there.  The drawer closest to the head of the bed holds all undergarments and pajamas and swimsuits.  The middle drawer holds all shirts, whatever season we’re in is kept forward.  So right now, the long sleeves and sweatshirts are in the back of the drawer.  The drawers are pretty deep, so the child need only pull it out so much to get what he needs.  Same with the drawer at the foot of the bed, except it holds pants/shorts/sweats.  Right now the shorts are at the front of the drawer.  We have no dresser in the boys room and this is all that is in their room except for a tall narrow bookcase which holds red baskets with special books, toys, etc.  All other toys are kept elsewhere.

Daughter has her grandmother’s bedroom set complete with a dresser of her own.  Since she is the only girl, this works for now.  Baby has his own set, too.  Before we had our first child (daughter) we bought a high quality nursery furniture set because we knew we’d have a large family and we wanted it to last.  That set includes a crib, changing table/dresser and an armoire.  They are both filled with baby items.

Church clothes are hung inside the closets up high so the children can’t mess with them.  All extra jackets, etc. are hung in there, too.  They each keep one or two jackets/sweatshirts in the mudroom depending on the season.  That reminds me, I need to organize the mudroom.  I don’t know when, though!  We are getting ready to leave for Family Camp and when we return, school begins.

I hope you all are ready to start school or perhaps you’ve already started?  I would love to hear how you get ready for school.  Do you cook meals ahead, spend all summer organizing the house, fly by the seat of your pants?  Tell me how you do it.  I would love to know.

Until next week, blessings,

Miss Kris


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