I Am Back

I am coming back to post more regularly, now.  I’m not sure why I have been absent so long.  I guess I have allowed myself to be distracted lately by many different things.  Instead of summer being relaxing, it seems a little overwhelming what with all of the events coming up.

Baby’s first birthday is Friday.  A week later, it is my Beloved’s birthday, then we get ready to leave on our second vacation.  When we return it is a birthday party for Number 2.  Then swim lessons, company picnic (which I host) and family camp followed by the first week of school.  It seems like I don’t get any summer!  I think I need an attitude adjustment….

This morning, Beloved took our two older boys to a Cowboy Action Shoot at the gun club.  Sissy and I are going to do some baking and laundry while trying to keep Baby busy.  We didn’t make any other plans beyond that although we have a lot of projects to work on.  I especially would like to see a bunny hutch built, as they are on our back porch and that is not working for me.

Although the man who tilled up our garden told me he didn’t think anything would grow in it, most of my plants are doing decently.  It helps that they are getting fertilized with bunny stuff and the fish emulsion I have always used.  Okay so it’s a little smelly out there, but it works. 

We lost the watermelons and the cataloupes are not doing well, but we should have lots of tomatoes, zucchini, some cucmbers and cayenne pepper (that’s all we got to plants this year).

I think I will go get started on the baking, now.  We will make some cookies and berry banana bread today.  I made enough Oatmeal pancakes this morning for tomorrow, too.  So Sunday breakfast is taken care of.  Now we have to think about dinners.

Be back soon,

Miss Kris


One thought on “I Am Back

  1. I am feeling your pain on the over-loaded summer. Our next 6 weekends are fully booked and all involve some travel. It seems like a race to get it all in and done before school starts again.

    I love summer but I always wonder where it went when its gone.

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