Today I am packing away some of the boys clothes that won’t be needed for a while and doing laundry.  The children are pulling weeds from our soon to be lawn area.  On Wednesday, the soil arrives for our lawn and on Friday the Hydroseed arrives!  I am so excited to have some lawn for this summer.

We had to scale back on our landscaping plans for now, as we just don’t have the time to finish some of our hardscaping before the lawn comes in.  So we are putting the lawn in on the front yard and side yard and we are waiting until fall to put in the back lawn.  We have stone patios/paths to lay, which Beloved and I will do on our own and the delay will give us more time to do it.  Also, we just couldn’t get the garden in.  We couldn’t get the fencing in because of the mud and now that it’s dried out (mostly) we don’t have the time to put in the fencing ourselves.  The fencing companies are all busy already, so I am not sure what will become of my seedlings.  It is all still up in the air now. 

We are preparing for a vacation soon, and between that and finishing (mostly) our school year, I am already too busy.  Anyway, now Baby is up from his nap and crying, so I have to go get him.  I will try to write again later.

Miss Kris


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