It's Been A Long Time

It has been so long since I’ve writtten I hardly know where to start!  First of all, my little Number 3 turned three Easter Weekend.  He is such a big boy!  My Mom calls him a little pistol.  He is a little firecracker and so much fun!

We have added to our little farm -five goldfish and one rabbit.  Three of the fish died – Nemo and Gump keep on keeping on.  We are looking for a female rabbit for Daughter.  We hope to breed them once, a great science lesson for the children.

It looks like we may have some lawn before summer.  We’ve gotten our irrigation in and the garden is started indoors, but not planted outside, yet.  I am still waiting for a garden fence to keep the deer, elk and rabbits out.  We have some retaining walls to build, a tree fort to finish, a hillside to plant.  The projects are neverending!

We were expecting my mother-in-law this week, but she canceled her trip.  I made her a quilt for her birthday which is the 15th, so I am finishing the binding and need to get it mailed off to her this week.

We have started trying to make our diet 50-75% raw foods.  It is hard, we have to plan, plan, plan.  But it should get easier as we go along.  My greatest concern is losing all my extra weight so I can have another baby.  But I don’t believe in dieting and I am a nursing mother, so changing the way we eat makes more sense.  I have a few "uncookbooks" self-published by Christian women which I would like to review here as my time allows.  There are also some good recipes online for beginning raw foodists.  Our garden will be 40’x24′, so we should have the vegies covered this summer.  My children are actually requesting raw foods smoothies at almost every meal.  They’ve been easier to convert than us, and it was our idea…

I will write more later.  Until then…

Blessings today,

Miss Kris


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