Hectic & Sad

I have been so extremely busy lately that I find myself looking forward to our June vacation with GREAT anticipation.  It cannot come soon enough.

My Birthday was quiet, as it usually is these days.  Then on March 21, my last remaining grandparent passed away.  She had had a massive stroke the week before, and as she did not wish to be resusitated, they turned off her pacemaker, but she kept on anyway until last Wednesday.  It was a huge rush after that.  My Aunt scheduled the services for Saturday and I found myself running to make arrangements to go to Reno.

First, we were all going to go, and then my Beloved thought it best if I just go with Daughter and Baby and ride with my folks.  So that’s what we did.  We left at 3:00 AM on Saturday morning and attended the service at 11:00 AM.  Then we stayed over and left at 6:45 AM on Sunday and were home by lunch time.  Baby did great!  He has never been in the car that long and now I have no worries when vacation time comes along.

I won’t tell you a story about how wonderfully sweet and grandmotherly my grandma was when I was little.  Most of my growing up years she could be somewhat difficult.  But a few years ago she came to Christ and was baptized and I am so happy!  It is so good not to have to mourn where your loved ones are, and just mourn that they are not here with us.

Grandma taught me how to embroider.  She and Grandpa taught me how to play cards and about plants.  I learned about powdered milk when I stayed at their house.  Grandma tried to teach me to crochet.  (I think my sister got that talent.)  I will miss you Grandma.  But I am so glad you now rest in the arms of Jesus!


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