A New Week

Boy, the addage ,"the older you get the faster it goes," is proving too true for me.  It’s hard to believe we’re this far into March already.

Daughter had her little party on Saturday and it seemed to go well.  I think the had fun playing together.  We are pretty low key about stuff like that.  We found there is a little more training in the area of etiquette for our daughter.  Nothing like placing them in a situation requiring manners to see where we are failing them in that area of training.  Eeek!

I am making some changes with our daily schedule and today it worked well.  I am all over the board with our schooling and I really need structure to survive and get it all done.  I thrive with structure and most children do, too.  But it’s easier when someone else is providing that structure.  I have to make it myself and it is challenging for me to remain disciplined.  I have to set time goals or I am not going to accomplish what I want with my children.

So as of right now, we are all finished with the Three R’s and the chores.  They are taking a break and I am getting ready to jump into the shower.  Then we’ll have lunch and do a study on Obedience and then they can play outside if they want.  Or they can do a project inside or earn extra money.  Later, daughter will practice her piano while they boys play inside.  Then we’ll do some more chores and wrap up the day talking about artists and paintings.  Tomorrow we’ll talk about maps/geography.  First thing in the morning, they usually do a Bible study with Daddy which is chronological, which I like for them.  It gives them a framework to organize Biblical events in their minds.  I want them to understand the history nad order of Biblical events now while they’re young.  We’ve gotten away from this Bible study lately, but will be getting back on it ASAP.  It’s been hard for us to get up early lately, but I am hoping with the time change it will be easier. 

I really need to get this routine established here, as next year I want to learn Latin with my daughter and I need to be able to add that extra subject without her feeling like all she does is school work.

The house is still clean from the party, so I am just washing sheets and towels and a few loads of clothing today and putting it all away (I hope).  I hope to go out to the store tonight, as I need some fresh things and I need to pick up a little something for daughter’s birthday at the end of the week.  She will be eight years old!  Dinner will be sausage and rice with leftover green beans from last night.  Not too exciting but it will do the job.

Hope you all have a great week.  I will check in later to let you know if I have stayed accountable to my goal of being disciplined about school.

Blessings Today, Miss Kris


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