It's March Already!

And that makes it a busy month for our family.  We have two birthays this month.  My daughters and mine.  Although since she was born three days before mine, I haven’t really had a birthday since.

This Saturday, she has a few friends over for a little party.  She is having a heart party, so I got the stuff before Valentines Day -some real cute stuff!  Everything will be red, pink and purple.  My children really enjoy having parties, so the emphasis is usually on the party and we try to downplay gifts as much as possible.  They are limited as to how many children they can have over, etc, and we only have cake and ice cream.  Unless it’s a big birthday, like 5 years old, 10 years old, etc.  Then we might consider a larger party or something.  On her actual birthday, we will have Papa and Noni over for dinner and a small cake.  She chooses what she wants for dinner.

So we started some spring cleaning this weekend.  Beloved pressure washed the house and porches and I washed the windows.  He finished the last few for me as I got tired (we have a lot of windows) and Baby wanted me.  Later, I cleaned the inside of all the windows and did the bathroom floors, while he mopped the kitchen.  I don’t know why, but since we moved in to our home, he has been mopping the laminate floors for the most part.  And I am not complaining.

Beloved has bought another project house.  The last one we did was back when Number 3 was a baby, two years ago, I guess.  This house was built in 1930 and I am going to have fun with it.  We already chose a lot of the stuff we’re going to use in it.  Beloved likes finding good deals on real estate and then fixing it up and selling it at a profit.  It is fun work, and keeps our employees busy.  We try to stick with the footprint of the house and make it irresistible to a buyer with how we’ve chosen to remodel it.  It saves us money not to have to add on to a house.  This one is a very cute little cottage -perfect for the first time home buyer with no more than one child.  And of course, those older homes actually have backyards, which is a huge advantage over the newer houses on the market.  Sometimes we gut the house down to the studs, this time we won’t have to.  It is in amazingly good shape for it’s age.  It just needs to be reconfigured.

We’ve been getting a few things done here, too.  We got our fruit trees planted a few weeks ago.  Two different cherry trees, two different pears, two different apples, one plum and one peach.  Saturday we planted our blueberries.  Two different varieties.  I have all of my garden seeds and need to think about starting some of them indoors soon.  My strawberries are being shipped to me this week and I don’t have a place for them yet.  It is too muddy to plow or fence the garden area, and these are perennial strawberries!  I have will have to find a temporary place for them and keep the deer out of them.  My Beloved will be moving our hives up here soon.  We have had bee hives at our office, but have decided to move them up here to take advantage of the pollination for our garden and later our fruit trees.  I am excited to actually be having something close to a farm.  We can’t have any livestock here, but I can grow things to my hearts content, as long as my Beloved helps me.

Baby is crawling all over the place and pulled himself up to stand two nights ago.  He’s growing up!  Too fast for me.  Now we have to keep the floors spotless, a real challenge around here.

I haven’t had any chance to sew in quite some time.  I really would like to make something for my mother-in-law, as her birthay is coming up in May.  She has agreed to fly up for a visit in May, and I want to make it special for her.  She just redecorated her house using that beautiful taupe and aqua scheme, and I am itching to do something with those colors.  But I have other unfinished projects to do first.  So we’ll see.

Well, I have to get to work.  Have a great ay in the Lord!

Miss Kris


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