The Faithful

Thank you to the faithfull who continue to visit my blog even when I haven’t been keeping it up!  I have had my mind on other things lately and have been letting this journal of mine go for a while.  I can’t guarantee when I will be more regular again.  But I have some time to post this entry this morning.

I have been working on getting some things organized and getting our schoolwork done.  I am also thinking about decorating my home and have been making some plansin that direction -for when I have time to do something about it.

We had a very productive weekend, even though Baby ran a fever Thursday night through Saturday morning.  He was pretty cranky Thursday and Friday, but Saturday, we took him to the home show and out to lunch with Papa and Noni and he did just fine.  Then we came home and busted out a bunch of housework. 

On Sunday, I got some cooking done and snacks made for the week.  This is something I would like to do every Sunday, but can’t figure out how I’m supposed to do that and keep it a day of rest.  If we let things go naturally around here, Friday night to Saturday night seems like our rest time, and then we jump back into things on Sunday.  It seems like that has been my nature for years, going back to when I worked full time and went to school.  Friday night to Saturday would be decompressing time and jump back into the swing of things on Sunday (we were in the ministry at the same time, too).

Anyway, we have Valentines Day this week and a field trip to the local newspaper.  In between, we have to get our schoolwork done and I need to tackle Mt. Washmore as usual.  I am now officially at the point where it is never caught up.  I guess adding the sixth person has done it.

Last night I made this roasted chicken with garlic and dijon mustard.  It was yummy.  Today I will bone it and we will have chicken pot pie tonight.  I can’t wait!

My Cookbook Recommendation: Whole Foods for the Whole Family, published by the La Leche League, has some great recipes for the whole family and informative lists and charts, too.  Check it out.

Going to attack the dishes, now.  Have a great day in the Lord!

Miss Kris


One thought on “The Faithful

  1. It is not a big deal if you don't blog very often because I use an RSS feeder. It enables me to know when you have a new post without having to come here and check the blog. It is free. Since I use Moxilla Firefox I use the sage attachment. My friend and my daughter use google reader for free.

    As far as Mt Washmore, I feel your pain. I just made a change that should help our family. Each of our children only get 7 outfits. The total outfit-underwear, socks, top and bottoms are stored in a drawer- one outfit for each day of the week. I already feel the difference and it has only been a few days.All the other clothes were taken out. Our Sunday clothing is four outfits. Each outfit is hung on a hanger labeled with which Sunday it goes to- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Sunday.Edited by babymakers on Feb. 12, 2007 at 9:52 AM

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