Thursday Morning

Good Morning All!

Sorry I haven’t given you much to read lately.  I have been tearing the children’s rooms apart and organizing them and getting ready to do some decorating, finally.  I have had nothing on the walls and it is starting to bother me a bit.

So all children’s rooms are clean and organized.  Today, I need to find someplace in my library shelves to put all of the books I found in their rooms which were not being taken care of properly.  I have had some of the books for thirty years and now they are getting wrecked by my children!  I don’t like that.

We also need to do a clean sweep of the Homeschool Room, as it has gotten cluttery with school and crafts items.  I will continue the war on laundry, too, of course.  A fire is going in the fireplace and it’s cozy here as I write.  Baby is scooting along the living room carpet -trying to crawl and the others are eating their cereal and working on their Bible Study Word Search.  I don’t know what’s on tap for dinner tonight.

We have a playdate here tomorrow which the children are really looking forward to.  So I need to be ready for that.  Beloved also has a business trip coming up, so I need to get him ready, too.  I also need to plan the dinners we like but he doesn’t, so we can eat them while he’s gone.  I have been busy planning our summer vacations, too.  We are taking two separate weeks in two different locales this year.  We didn’t even get a vacation last year because Baby came right in the middle of the summer and we were too busy.  I am really looking forward to this summer.  Beloved always has the cell phone stuck to his ear unless we get out of the area.  Someplace without cell reception is ideal.  Our last vacation was in Yellowstone National Park and that was heaven.  No reception!  Yeah!

Well, I need to go eat and shower.  Hope you have a wonderful day!

Miss Kris


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