Tuesday at Home

Good Morning!

Today we spend at home doing laundry, finishing organizing the Baby’s room and schoolwork.  I got all of Baby’s clothes packed up and the new sizes put in the drawers yesterday.  But I tore up his closet in the midst of that and now need to finish organizing it.  I never really did anything with his closet when we moved in in June.  I just put boxes in it and never went through the stuff.  So that’s what I’m doing now.  There is a lot of space in there that has not been utilized.

I have a bunch of folded laundry to have the children put away, and I need to put away some clean dishes, too.  Think I will have daughter do that.  I really need to do some real cleaning in the kitchen, so if I can get her to put away some of the stuff on the counters, I will have the time I need to get that cleaning done.

I got a lot of errands and phone calls done yesterday.  My van sounds so much better with some oil in it (oops!) and I had a power steering leak (which we suspected) and they fixed that.  It was a loose hose.  Last night I made Potato Leek Soup and it was good.  The children didn’t like it, but lately I can’t please them.  I am a pretty good cook, so I guess it’s their problem.  But it’s frustrating for me.  I did not want to raise children to be picky about food.  I guess I’ll concentrate on the fact that they like things like shrimp scampi and artichokes.  They also do things like watch Jane Austen movies and sew.  I guess I won’t worry too much about them!

We did some paper craft yesterday, but with the errands did not get any school done.  It seems like when we have to go out in the morning we get distracted with life in the afternoon.  So we’re going to hit it hard today before we do anything else.

Tomorrow we have six month portraits for Baby.  In the morning, we will get our schoolwork done and then head to the photo studio after lunch.  It takes us close to an hour to get there.  We don’t have much else planned for this week.  Just our regular work and maybe work on cleaning up the children’s closets (again). For dinner tonight: homemade hamburgers and fries (using my new mandolin).

Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

Miss Kris


One thought on “Tuesday at Home

  1. I'm embarressed to admit that when I make Turkey sandwhiches I make one with may, no chees add mustard. One with only meat, another with mayo, must. cheese and meat…..

    Normally I don't cater to what they want but sandwiches I do for some reason. If it's dinner and they don't like what I made then they are allowed to have a slice of bread and water with no dessert 😉

    Your meals sound wonderful. Sure beats my frozen dinners or spaggetti days.


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