I've Missed You

So sorry I have been neglectful lately.  I have been caught up with the business of life and being a little lazy, too.  I think I have just been recuperating from the holidays.  Also, I have been helping my Beloved with some projects, too.

On New Year’s Eve, I went out early by myself and bought Christmas decorations 75% off.  I think I mentioned that we decided to have a tree in our bedroom next year.  We have a Craftsman style quilt and an accent color on it is a pretty blue color.  I bought ornaments, tree skirt, etc., with a similar shade of blue, plus some green and silver and gold ornaments.  I think our tree will be very beautiful and I am really looking forward to seeing it decorated next year.

I hope you all are having a good start to your year.  My darling Daughter is reading up a storm.  She has skipped ahead in her McGuffey reader and I will be buying the next one very soon, I think. 

Number 2 is not too interested in school, still, but getting a little better about it.  I am not pushing it.  He is very much a child who will not learn the traditional way and I will need to be creative with him.  It is a good stretch for me, some who thrived in a traditional classroom.  He likes to spend his time cutting out photos of guns, bows and arrows, etc., and he used to paste them onto construction paper.  Now he is stapling them into books.  It takes less time, he says, and turns out much nicer.  He is very intelligent, just not ready to "sit" yet.

Number 3 wants to do school, but it’s hard to keep him busy when we try to include him.  I try to keep things in his school drawer that he can only use during that time.  It works for a bit, and then sometimes we rely on a video.  You gotta do what you gotta do.  But mostly, Daughter works independently and just requires my guidance.

Baby is doing so well.  I think he is my fattest baby yet.  Which isn’t saying much, since our children are never very big.  He is such a happy baby and is now six months old already!  I can’t believe how fast it goes.  I also can’t believe the gray hairs on my head.  I need some color!  Eeek!

Baby gets his portraits taken this week.  Not much else going on except I need to get the oil changed, return library books, and go through Baby’s clothes and pack away what he’s grown out of and unpack what he’s growing into.  I also have some special projects the children will help me with, like washing down the cabinets in the kitchen and cleaning up their closets.  So in addition to my regular work, I have plenty to do this week. 

I hope to get back to being more regular with my posts.  I thank those of you who are hanging in there with me when I am not able to be consistent.  I appreciate you all and love to read your comments.

Blessings Today,

Miss Kris


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