Christmas Plans

Good Morning!

I have missed posting these last days as I am preparing for the Christmas holiday.  Our Open House on Sunday was a success!  It was to be between 2-4 pm and at 2:40, I was getting really disappointed, as no one had showed up, yet.  But then our kind neighbors walked over and then everyone else started coming, too.  I guess no one wanted to be first or something?  Who knows?

Not many folks actually ate my baking and it made me think about how different our culture has become and how we differ from European countries.  When were in Germany in 1997 I was informed that it was rude if you didn’t try a bit of everything set out at tea time.  Well, you can imagine why I was being informed of this.   That trip for me was difficult in only one sense.  I had just lost  A LOT of weight I was not anxious to put it back on again.  I know I gained at least five pounds back on that trip.  But hopefully no one was offended by me after that day.

So maybe all of my neighbors are on Weight Watchers, too?  I don’t know, but after the time spent last week in baking I was disappointed that few partook.  Cooking and baking for people is important to me I guess.  It is my way of blessing people and that is what I want to be to my neighbors, a blessing.

The children are outside playing and my baby is sleeping so I thought I would sit down and take a moment to write out our Christmas menu, etc.  Since Christmas Eve is on a Sunday this year, we will go to our regular morning service at 9 am.  Then we will spend the day doing family things together -games, decorating cookies, etc.  I plan to make shrimp scampi that evening.  My Beloved and my children love it.  I do not usually eat shellfish, so I will eat the other items: garlic mashed potatoes, steamed vegies, Caesar salad.

Mom and I decided to have Ham for Christmas dinner, although we have previously talked about beef tenderloin.  Everyone I have spoken to this week is having ham and it sounds good.  Pork is another thing we try to stay away from, but this will be an exception -a treat!  I don’t know if we’ve decided on everything we’re having have we Mom?  Probably: Cucumber Salad, Scalloped Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Rolls and Dutch Apple and Cherry Pies.  Sounds good to me.

I went with baby kast night and bought all of the stocking stuffer.  I also found two beautiful blouses for myself at 50% off.  I was very pleased to find some in my size that were attractive and not frumpy looking.  It seems like us larger women are generally frumpy, dumpy, and don’t have waists.  This seems to be the thoughts of clothing manufacturers, anyway.Boy would I like to educate them.

Well, I have to run and put folded laundry away.  It will try to post again before Christmas.  Have a wonderful day!



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