Christmas Baking

It’s all done!  Yay!  We have some wonderful things to eat this year.  Many of them are new recipes I found at  I don’t usually like to try a lot of new recipes when I’m having folks over, but the ratings were really good on all of them, and I can’t find some of my standby recipes.  I seem to have misplaced them.  I guess it’s been that long since I’ve baked something.  I try not to do much baking anymore because then I eat it.

Today, I made the Almond Blossom Cookies (with almond Kisses) and the lemon bars.  Daughter made the Milky Way Surprises.  I had meant to make sugar cookies and frost them, but I think we will do that as a family on Christmas Eve, instead.  It’ll be fun for the children.

Well, I must be off and put the kitchen to rights.  Then we just have some picking up and vacuuming to do and that should be it.  I really don’t think anyone is going to come to our Open House tomorrow.  I’m just getting that feeling.  But who knows?  We better clean anyway.  Hehehe.  I feel more like a nap, though.

Chief had his first vet appointment this morning and he looks good.  Had to get a vaccination and he didn’t seem to notice it.  He’s a good dog.  We’re just trying to figure him out, still.  Kind of like a newborn baby.  Hmmm…

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Kris


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