World Trade Center

My Beloved and I watched the newly released DVD, World Trade Center last night.  Wednesdays often end up being our movie night together, since the week is halfway over and we are often ready to do some veging.

I went to first, to see what they had to say about the movie.  The review was good.  We watched it and felt it was well done.  I was surprised at the respectful handling of Christian themes and experiences.  Oliver Stone included John McLaughlin praying the Lord’s prayer and Will Jimeno’s experience in seeing Jesus bringing him water.  It was realistic, in that Donna McLaughlin uses the "a" word once, and the pregnant Alison Jimeno’s top is a bit low cut, all things mentioned in the online review.  But we found the movie to be enlightening and worth our time. 

My Beloved mentioned that he had read about the Marine Hero in the movie.  I guess when they made it, they didn’t really know who he was.  He had not come forward afterward, so the person that played him did not give us much information, because Carnes didn’t give fellow rescuers even his full name at the time.  So I found him to be an undeveloped character, but that was naturally no one’s fault.  I understand he came forward after the movie was made.  There must be an interesting story there I would like to find out about.  I also didn’t realize how many FDNY men we lost, 343.  That is just too painful for me to think about.  All those men who were there to rescue others losing their lives in sacrifice.  All those widows left behind.

Aren’t you glad we live in the US?  There is something about the American spirit that we can bind together to help each other during and then bounce back from a tragedy like 911.  I am proud to be an American.  And now I will be singing that song all day.

Anyway, we recommend the movie for anyone looking for something generally clean and who likes true stories.  We love them. 


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