A New Week, A Busy Week

Good Morning!

Yes, I am still here.  Sorry I haven’t written.

Our party on Sunday went well.  I didn’t end up making a lot of food because it was just a snacking party.  Everyone brought cookies to share, so I made a vegie tray and a cracker and dip tray and put out a bunch of Christmas candy.  It turned out well.  Everyone brought yummy cookies.

I was up late the night before wrapping our Christmas gifts to put under the tree.  It seemed a little bare, and I had bought wrapping paper that coordinated with my decor, so it looked cute.  I know that seems like it shouldn’t be important, but I like the small details.  They give me a thrill.  I know I’m weird.

Okay, so this Sunday is our Neighborhood Open House.  I am doing all of the food for that.  I am baking 8 different things this week, with the help of my right hand daughter.  Gee, I hope someone comes.  Our neighborhood consists of only about 7 houses, three of which are not yet lived in.  I think our neighbors on either side of us had a misunderstanding between each other.  I hope this does not keep them from coming.  If no one comes, we will have lots of cookies in the freezer that I shouldn’t be eating!

The house is clean and mostly the laundry is caught up.  I will be doing two loads today and starting on this baking and doing school with the children.  We are still working on a dog unit and I will have a dog coloring book for them to work on today.

Baby was dedicated in church on Sunday.  The pastor said something about our family (size) supporting the children’s ministry, which is funny, since we don’t send our children to the children’s ministry.  Of course, he has four children himself.

I get comments regularly while out and about.  The one I get the most is "you have your hands full."  My goodness, they must think that is original.  Sometimes I feel a little nasty and say, "that’s what everyone in town says."  What I should be saying is, "and our hearts are full, too."  I am just waiting for someone to ask why my children are not in school, but no one ever does.

Anyway, baby is asleep and I had better get a move on!  Thank you for your comments.  Love to read them.  Have a wonderful day.

Miss Kris


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