Today we are finishing up school for the week and doing some household work.  It has been time consuming for me to plan my meals so much and get so much water down me but I am doing it.


Pumpkins is asleep and I am about to make lunch for the crew.  Just wanted to check in and let you know what I am up to.


Editing documents for the business


Cleaning the floors


Doing dishes


Putting away folded laundry


General Pickup


Reading Diary of Dixie through again (by Mary Boykin Chesnut)


Doing a Dog Unit with the children, besides our regular schoolwork.


I have not been very productive this week, as I have been having sugar withdrawals.  I think the worst is over, but I am still not feeling too good, hence, I am reading a book and being quiet.  My favorite thing to do when not feeling well.


Hoping I am better next week, as I have lots to do then!


Miss Kris


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