New News

I am starting a new category called Health, as I've decided to actually pay attention to mine.


Two days ago, I started Weight Watchers online.  This is the only “diet” you can do while breastfeeding, which makes sense.  It really isn't a diet.  It is an accountability system for eating healthy and making smart choices.


As of this morning, I have lost four pounds in two days.  Wow.  This keeps me wanting to stick with the program.  Now I only have eighty more to go, huh?  How did I let myself get this way?


I have never dieted.  When we got married, I was under weight.  I weighed 120 lbs. on a 5'-6.5″ frame.  My weight had fluctuated somewhat while in highschool, but only because of muscle gain while playing sports.  I was always thin before I got married.


The first year of our marriage, I became very depressed.  I didn't know what to do with myself at first.  I had quit my job to stay home and at the time didn't have quite enough training to run my home.  I realize now I had led such a structured life that when I had none, I felt lost.  So I gained weight that first year and continued to do so at first because my inactivity. 


As I pulled myself up out of the depression (or rather the Lord helped me out of it) I began to learn more about running my home and got active again.  But I was still not as acitve as I had been when I was working.  Also, once you have slowed down your metabolism, it is hard to get it back up again.


At one point, after returning to work (I had no children at the time), I started to gain more weight because of my sedentary job.  At one point I got up to 175 lbs.  I was not happy with my appearance, so I kicked sugar and red meat and dropped 20 lbs. just like that.  I felt comfortable at 155, the high side of healthy for my height, and was proud of my accomplishment without exercise.


I kept the weight off and then got pregnant with my first child.  I gained weight with each of my children and never took much off.  My most recent pregnancy I did not gain much at all.  Maybe 10 lbs.  I never lose much afterward, unfortunately.  Nursing does not take the weight off for me.  I never dieted or did much because I was always nursing or pregnant.


Now I am at such a high (and undisclosed) weight that I am at risk for heart disease and find that I am not able to keep up with things without getting out of breath.  I am not doing this to “get skinny” although I think that will be a nice side benefit.  I am doing it so I can see and enjoy my grandchildren one day!  I want to live as long as possible to be a mother to my children and a grandmother to theirs.


I believe that the morning sickness I have with my babies is what has caused me to become addicted to sugar, which I never liked growing up.  Unfortunately, I could not eat much while so ill and the only things that appealed were chocolate, soda, Burger King, etc.  I have never been an overeater.  In fact, I undereat (forget to eat) most of the time.  It is WHAT I eat when I do that is the problem.  I am basically malnourished, and my body will not let go of the weight.


Now that is changing.  I am tracking everything I eat and making the five fruits and vegies, water consumption and non-fat milk consumption my goal.  I am being careful since I am breastfeeding.  But I am going to stick with it and keep seeing results.  I am very excited!


I will be starting to exercise soon, too.  I am borrowing my folks treadmill and I ordered a Pilates for Weightloss tape.  I have my jogging stroller, too.  But one step at a time!  One tiny step.  I don't want to set myself up for failure!


Thanks for reading my weight saga.  And please pray for me as I endeavor to get to take care of my body and get healthy.


Miss Kris


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