Our Long Weekend

Good Morning!


We've had snow the past two mornings, so the children get out there to enjoy it right after Bible study and before breakfast even.  It's beautiful here after a snow.


Whew!  The Thanksgiving Holiday went way too fast.  We had a great dinner on Thursday and a good visit with my folks.  The children loved their new racetrack and we had to drag them away from it to get them to the table. My turkey was picture perfect, although a bit on the dry side.  I should have taken it out a little sooner.


On Friday we did our big shop at Winco and Costco.  I took the children down in the van and Beloved drove down his pickup.  There's a shell over the bed of the pickup, so we crammed everything for three months into there, including Christmas gifts (with the exception of fresh produce, milk and bread).  We agreed that when we get more practiced at it, we will start doing our shopping every six months.


I didn't get much done Saturday or Sunday.  We put up the tree and I bought some more decorations for the house.  Since we've doubled our square footage, we needed a few more things.  I didn't get any sewing done at all.  It seemed like the pumpkin needed my attention, so he got it.


The children and I finished most of the indoor decorating yesterday.  I update our business website last night after pumpking finally went to bed.


Today, we have dishes and laundry to get caught up on and meals to plan.  It will be a quiet day at home.


Hope you enjoy your day.


Miss Kris


2 thoughts on “Our Long Weekend

  1. Hey, the Winco/Costco trip caught my eye. I love Winco. I go about once every three months as well and stock up. Since we go to Costco weekly for our milk/eggs/bread etc, I seldom have to buy anything at the more expensive markets closer to my home. I am always amazed that you can get a receipt as long as your arm at Winco for what you would pay for a few bags of groceries anywhere else.

  2. ABC,

    I know what you mean! I wish sometimes I was that close to a Costco. But, then again, maybe I don’t. We enjoy living far away from the hustle and bustle. It takes us about 45 minutes to get to Winco and Costco from our home. I love their prices on milk and eggs.

    I realize I forgot a few things and hope we can live wihtout them! Beloved was supposed to get the toilet paper, but he forgot to put some in the cart, sooo…..LOL.

    With my size family and the amount of food we bought, I have a lot of folks stop and ask me questions and talk to me about why I am buying so much. It’s a hoot to explain to them what I’m doing and I find that most folks are very positive about my family size. I get a few sometimes that I would like to strangle, though. Hehehe.

    Blessings today, Kris

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