I'm not dressed, yet, but things are running along smoothly.  The children are cooperating, PTL!


Our revised menu for the big Thanksgiving Dinner is here:



Mashed Potatoes


My Mom's Stuffing

Coleslaw (A tradition in our family since I was a kid.  Ours is not a sweet slaw.)

Heavenly Hash (We call it Heather Hash after my sister.  Mom added this at the last minute as a request from my Dad.  It has been a tradition since I was a kid, too.)


Cranberry Apple Gelatin Mold (a new recipe from

Green Beans

Sweet Potatoes

Sour Cream Apple Crumb Kuchen (I made this one Thanksgiving before.  Beloved does not like pumpkin at all and no one else cares if we have any.  This is a German type dessert and is in honor of my Beloved's Austrian roots.)


King's Hawaiian Rolls (Another tradition in our family.  Now that I know that some of my ancestors once resided in Hawaii, I can say this is in honor of them.  It's a stretch, I know. Smile)


Hope I didn't forget anything.


For tonight's dinner, Crockpot Scalloped Potatoes & Turkey Ham, Tossed Salad, Applesauce.


Bon Apetit!


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